Hemroids relief is often eagerly sought before a hemroids cure.Hemorrhoids Relief, Treatment and Cure is easy to learn. Older people are more likely to get hemroids, partly because of a more sedentary lifestyle


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Hormones are a leading cause of hemroids in women

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Child hemroids can be very unpleasant and normally reflects wrong diet with little exercise, but some serious conditions can cause hemroids in children

Hemorrhoids / Hemorrhoids Treatment:

Contents:  A.. A Multitude of Hemorrhoids Treatments From Relief To Cure  -- B.. Hemorrhoids Treatment is Based On Location-- 1.. Home Treatments for Hemorrhoids- Do It Yourself Treatments That Work-- 2.. Hemorrhoids Herbal Therapy - Natural or Holistic Hemorrhoids Treatments- Herbs that Help Hemorrhoids-- 3. Professional Hemorrhoids Treatments - For When Pain and Discomfort Are Too Extreme-- 4.. Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Cures- Hemorrhoids Treatments that Heal from Within -- 5.. Hemorrhoid Surgery - The Last Resort for Hemorrhoids Treatment - there are multiple hemorrhoids surgical procedures to consider-- 6.. Hemorrhoidectomy - The End of the Line For Hemorrhoids Treatment.


There are A Multitude of Hemorrhoid Treatments From Relief To Cure

The variety and number of modern hemorrhoids treatments is quite extensive

Quite a few of these hemorrhoid treatments have been known for well longer than a century. Many of them are extensively detailed on their own pages within this website, but the purpose of this page is to provide a reasonably comprehensive overview of what treatments are available today, with the aim of enabling you to make informed decisions about suitable treatments for you and your circumstances.

In my experience, there is no hemorrhoid treatment that could be called "the best". Also, there is no single hemorrhoids treatment, either natural or allopathic, that I think will work 100% of the time with anybody - hemorrhoids have a multitude of causes that one single, all powerful hemorrhoids treatment seems unrealistic to say the least.

You may find that a particular hemorrhoid treatment method may work for you, but it doesn't work for someone else. Some may find that any given hemorrhoid treatment makes their hemorrhoids worse, including surgery or one of the alternative medicine therapies.

However, regardless of which hemorrhoid treatment you decide to use, to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back requires you to pay attention to dietary fiber and exercise, which are the lifestyle choices contributing to hemorrhoids in the first place.


Hemorrhoid Treatment is Based On Location

There are many different hemorrhoid varieties and conditions, each of which may require different hemorrhoid treatments. Proper treatment of internal hemorrhoids is different from effective external hemorrhoid treatment due to location. Internal hemorrhoids originate from and are covered by mucus membrane, which absorbs medication much more quickly and easily than the exterior skin covering an external hemorrhoid. Therefore, using medication meant for one kind on the other may be either useless, dangerous, or both.

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We now understand that sometimes you just want something in a pill or a tube, something that is just easy, safe and works on hemorrhoids.

So, that's what happened.  We now have a web page totally dedicated to the hemorrhoid medications and medicines you just buy and use.  To check out our in depth reviews and find out which hemorrhoid medicine may be the right one for YOU ... Click Here!

Hemorrhoid Treatment is divided into multiple treatment categories

We've provided links below to 6 of the most popular hemorrhoid treatments.

This website offers many more pages on hemorrhoid treatment than the six listed below, so do take a look at our other hemorrhoid treatment pages as well.


1.. Home Treatments for Hemorrhoids- Do It Yourself Treatments That Work

Home remedy hemorrhoid treatments are usually targeted at relieving the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, and usually only offer temporary hemorrhoid relief. However, by combining these home relief techniques with the lifestyle changes suggested on the home remedies hemorrhoid treatment page, they may even help CURE hemorrhoids.

Home hemorrhoid treatments are relatively popular because they're both effective, cheaper than others, and simple to use and understand.

In fact, the majority of hemorrhoids respond to home hemorrhoid treatments the best. When diagnosed in time, using home hemorrhoid therapies will help avoid the necessity of surgical treatment. In addition, the overall improvements in lifestyle may contribute to a longer life.

Keep in mind that once you suffer from hemorrhoids once, you have a higher chance of getting them again in the future. Therefore, do not stop eating well or exercising once the hemorrhoids are gone. Eat a good diet, do light exercise, keep your blood pressure controlled and stay alert, and hemorrhoids should not cause you problems again.

Many of these hemorrhoid treatments are easily found at supermarkets or pharmacies. Some of them may cause irritation of surrounding tissue, especially if you're sensitive to one of the ingredients. In addition, some of the formulas made with modern chemicals may present health risks if those chemicals are absorbed by the bloodstream.

2.. Hemorrhoids Herbal Therapy - Natural or Holistic Hemorrhoids Treatments- Herbs that Help Hemorrhoids

Natural hemorrhoid treatments seem to become popular on occasion. These hemorrhoid treatments do tend to be effective at hemorrhoid relief, but they may be more expensive, harder to put together or harder to apply.

Herbal hemorrhoid treatments may occasionally be found at a pharmacy, but they're far more readily available at a health food shop, naturopath, or online. A few of these treatments may be plucked off of trees, at least if you can find the right tree.

Along with the more mainstream home treatments, these remedies provide only temporary hemorrhoid relief. Herbal hemorrhoid treatmens are often thought to be safer if absorbed into the body. This is a mistaken belief. Many of the most powerful and dangerous prescription medications in the world come from herbs.

Herbal hemorrhoid treatments can be very dangerous if misused: Any hemorrhoid treatment can cause serious problems, especially if the treatment is meant for external hemorrhoids and is put on an internal or prolapsed hemorrhoid instead.

Additional information on Herbal Hemorrhoid Treatment

99% pure aloe vera juice, as a drink, is thought to be helpful for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Additional herbal treatments for internal hemorrhoids are butcher's broom, horse chestnut, bromelain, chamomile, cranesbill, and bilberry extract.

Before taking anything new by mouth, check with your doctor or regular pharmacist to make sure none of your current health conditions or medications will interact badly.

The medications used to treat hemorrhoids, whether herbal or allopathic (mainstream), work by blocking pain nerve paths, reducing hemorrhoid inflammation, reducing blood pressure or reinforcing vein walls.

Because of these mechanisms of action, if you have a heart condition or blood pressure problems, using these herbs can be extremely dangerous.


3.Professional Hemorrhoids Treatments - For When Pain and Discomfort Are Too Extreme

Medical hemorrhoid treatment is a stronger variety of treatment used for temporary symptomatic relief of hemorrhoids.

This type of hemorrhoid treatment is usually only available from doctors, who will either write you a prescription to get from a pharmacist or will give you the treatment while you're in their office.

These hemorrhoid treatments are usually much more expensive than the home variety, because you have to pay for both the medicaion and the doctor's visit.

The doctor will usually use a potent painkiller and/or an injected medication meant to make the hemorrhoid shrink.

You may find it a good idea to throughly discuss this category of hemorrhoid treatments with your family doctor. Any risks are usually associated with injection side effects.

4. Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Cures- Hemriod Treatments that Heal from Within.

This type of hemorrhoids treatment is not aimed at immediate relief of hemorrhoids, though most do include something for the pain and discomfort.  Rather, these types of hemorrhoids treatment are aimed at curing the hemorrhoid problem from the inside and it may take several weeks, may be up to six months, before any substantial improvement is seen, provided it works for you.

This category of hemorrhoid treatments are not targeted for immediate symptom relief, although many of them do something for pain and discomfort. Instead, this type of hemorrhoid treatments attempt to cure the hemorrhoid from within the body. It may take some time, from several weeks to six months, before you'll notice a lot of improvement, if the treatment will even work for you.

This category of hemorrhoid treatments work mostly by increasing both circulation and vein wall elasticity.

5.The Last Resort for Hemorrhoid Treatment - There are multiple hemorrhoid surgical procedures to consider.

There are multiple hemorrhoid surgical procedures available today, such as injection cauterization, cryotherapy or freezing, laser cauterization or infrared light cauterization.

There are even hemorrhoid surgeries that use rubber bands or staples!

Which surgical procedure is right for you will depend on your health, the condition and symptoms of your hemorrhoids, as well as what your doctor or surgeon is most familiar with.

There is usually some pain for up to a week after any of these hemorrhoid treatments.

In addition, any surgical procedure carries risks. You may benefit from discussing these risks in depth with a doctor. For example, latex banding of a hemorrhoid carries an incredibly small risk of paralysis.

6.Hemorrhoidectomy - The End of the Line For Hemorrhoids Treatment

This is the cut and slice hemorrhoids treatment you may have always wanted if it works well.

This is the simple, cut it off and be done with it hemorrhoid treatment you may have been dreaming of, as long as the surgery goes well.

However, if the surgery doesn't go off without a hitch, you might wind up in an even worse condition. Multiple horror stories exist of hemorrhoidectomies for internal hemorrhoids that didn't go well.

Hemorrhoidectomy is normally done under general anesthetic. The recovery time is several weeks, with quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

That being said, among all the surgical procedures, this one boasts the highest long term success rate for permanently curing hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy for external hemorrhoids is the only surgical option available.

Out of all the surgeries, this hemorrhoids treatment has the highest long term success rate with eliminating hemorrhoids for good.

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All the best to you in your search for hemorrhoid relief and prevention

This website is an educational site and is in no way intended to take the place of a qualified medical practitioner. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, but only to offer information, ideas, and options for you to discuss with your doctor. Always check this or any other printed information on any medical condition with your doctor and your own common sense.

Alternative Medications for Hemorrhoids

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