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Hormones are a leading cause of hemroids in women

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Child hemroids can be very unpleasant and normally reflects wrong diet with little exercise, but some serious conditions can cause hemroids in children

Herbal Remedies - All Natural Relief and Treatments for Hemorrhoids

When using herbs against a case of hemorrhoids, there are two different broad categories to use. The first category provides quick relief from upsetting symptoms while the second category offers long-term treatment options to make the hemorrhoids disappear permanently.

Herbal hemorrhoid remedies have been used for centuries, probably as long as hemorrhoids have been part of the human condition. Because of some unique properties of herbal remedies, they can still be useful even today.

If you're looking for herbal formulas already compounded for you, there are a number of them offered through the Internet that seem to be effective. We've been studying them for some time, and have heard very few complaints. If you want a lotion or creme to apply to external hemorrhoids, Heal Hemorrhoids and Ziro seem to be the best according to our research so far. If you're trying to combat internal hemorrhoids and need something to take by mouth, Venapro stands above the crowd. We've reviewed these and many more in detail on our hemorrhoids medication review page.

We feature two pages on this website on the subject of herbal hemorrhoid treatments. The page you're currently on focuses on natural ingredients and herbs that offer quick relief for hemorrhoid symptoms. In other words, read on if you're desperate to stop the burning, itching pain and discomfort endemic to hemorrhoids.

The other page is the one you're looking for if you want to find the herbal treatments you'll need for long-term hemorrhoid treatment and cure. The herbs you'll find there might not offer immediate relief from your hemorrhoids, which is why we split them up to begin with.

Herbs and Herbal Supplements for Hemorrhoid Relief: This Page
1.. Astringent herbs for use as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Can be used alone or as part of an overall program
9.. Is aromatherapy a good herbal hemorrhoid remedy?
2.. Plantain: A Soothing Herb for Hemorrhoids
10.. Warning about hemorrhoids and any herbal remedy taken by mouth
3.. Butcher's Broom - A hemorrhoid herb for both internal and external use.
4.. Garlic Herbal Relief
A.. Lemon Juice as a Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment
5.. Aloe Vera: A Soothing Plant Extract for Hemorrhoids
B.. A humble potato remedy that offers outstanding results for hemorrhoids
6.. Herbal and Natural Stool Softeners: Great for Safe Hemorrhoid Relief
C..The Lecithin Food Extract Treatment for Hemorrhoids
7.. Peruvian Balsam: Effective But Less Well Known Herbal Hemorrhoid Treatment
D.. Rutin - a food extract relief aid for hemorrhoids
8.. How To Make Your Own Herbal Hemorrhoid Medicine

E.. Vitamin E: Easy Remedy for Hemorrhoid Pain and Clots


Japanese Pagoda Tree: Our Latest Addition To Herbal Hemorrhoid Remedies

Japanese Pagoda Tree offers relief from several hemorrhoid symptoms

Research has found that extract from the Japanese Pagoda Tree offers several beneficial effects to people seeing herb-based hemorrohoid relief.

According to the clinical trials already done, this extract helps maintain venous wall tone and health. It also helps with several hemorrhoid symptoms, not least of which are inflammation, bleeding, burning and itching.

Japanese Pagoda Tree extract is best used as a general herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. While it may not work for everyone, nothing does, anyone who's investigating natural treatments would do well to consider it.


Mullein, an herb often used for skin disorders, also offers pain relief to hemorrhoids.

1.. Astringent herbs for use as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Can be used alone or as part of an overall program

If you suffer from external hemorrhoid inflammation, you may want to make a cool, astringent herbal compress for relief. You'll want to use a cloth soaked in a mullein infusion, blackberry juice, or lemon juice depending on what you have easiest access to. Of course, watch for stains, especially with blackberry juice. Witch hazel cream can be applied to hemorrhoids, or you can put some witch hazel extract on a cloth and apply it that way. These remedies may help shrink the hemorrhoids and are often effective against external hemorrhoid bleeding.

Keep in mind that all of these options are good for hemorrhoid relief because they are astringents, which means that they all dry out the skin. If you discover that your skin is too sensitive to use without causing further irritation, don't use them.


Plantain can be used is a herbal remedy for hemroids

2.. Plantain: A Soothing Herb for Hemorrhoids

Plantain is an herb so common that it's frequently found growing wild. However, for medical use it's better to use carefully grown specimens suitable for medical preparations. To soothe itchy, burning hemorrhoids, apply directly to the hemorrhoid in question. For external use only.

3.. Butcher's Broom - A hemorrhoid herb for both internal and external use.

Butcher's broom is an herb out of Europe that has been used for its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor properties at least since the Middle Ages. These properties make butcher's broom one of the most effective herbal hemrorhoid remedies today. Butcher's broom can be used externally in a hemorrhoid lotion or taken as a pill or tea for internal use.

When making a lotion or creme for external hemorrhoids, combine either 10-15 drops of butcher's broom tincture or 500-1000 mg of ground butcher's broom to 1/4 cup of beeswax. Apply often to the external hemorrhoid or affected site.

To make a multi-symptom relief ointment, you can add three drops of Vitamin E oil and three drops of aloe vera gel to the previous recipe.

The active ingredient in butcher's brrom is ruscogenin. When taking butcher's brrom in pill form, the recommended dosage for most adults is 400 mg of butcher's brrom three times per day with the ruscogenin standardized to around 10% of composition. Any herbal supplement should offer the percentage information on the drug label.

If you prefer to take your herbal remedies in tea form instead of a pill, then make an infusion of 1 to 2 grams ground butcher's broom in 1 cup of boiling water and let steep for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain well and drink up to four cups in each 24 hour period.


4.. Garlic Herbal Remedy

As a hemorrhoid relief method, garlic is used in much the same manner as potato pieces, which is to say as a suppository. Insert a freshly peeled piece of garlic into the rectum, which is the open canal space above the anal sphincter. For best results, replace every evening before bed until symptoms have stopped.

5.. Aloe Vera: A Soothing Plant Extract for Hemorrhoids

Aloe vera is a kitchen plant famous for soothing the normal cuts, burns and scrapes endemic to cooking. Its soothing properties also work well for hemorrhoids. The cut and opened leaves can be applied directly to external hemorrhoids for soothing relief.

For internal hemorrhoids it's best to drink commercially prepared 99% pure aloe vera juice. The reason for this is that the leaf skin can contain a substance called aloin, which is a laxative so powerful it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems. Commerical preparations remove all aloin during processing, while it can be somewhat difficult to do this at home.


6.. Herbal and Natural Stool Softeners: Great for Safe Hemorrhoid Relief

Several herbal and plant options exist for stool softeners, most of which are safer than traditional laxatives. Properly prepared Aloe Vera juice, mullein tea, psyllium seed, and ground flax hulls all serve to add fiber to your diet, which naturally makes your stools softer. Softer stools lead to less bleeding, decreased inflammation and no straining during bowel movements, all of which are good for hemorrhoids.

Psyllium seed occupies a special place in the world of natural hemorrhoid remedies:

Psyllium seed is often used in mainstream hemorrhoid remedies and stool softeners such as Metamucil. Increased fiber is important to hemorrhoid sufferers, because fiber absorbs water and keeps stools soft, bulky, and easy to pass regularly. Keep in mind that if you're increasing your fiber content, you should increase your water intake simultaneously so that the fiber does what its supposed to rather than act like so much concrete in your intestines.

When incorporating psyllium seed into your diet for fiber purposes, you should start small and increase your daily psyllium intake over a few weeks. Jumping right to the full daily dose could make you and your family's life entertaining when the psyllium cleans out your intestinal tract so quickly. Gas, bloating, and lots of bowel movements are sure to make life miserable.

Instead, break it up over three weeks. For the first week, take a teaspoon of ground psyllium seed suspended in a cup of water with breakfast every day. In the second week, do the same for breakfast and lunch, and add dinner in the third week. By this point you should be having no more trouble with bowel movements. By adding it so gradually, while you may feel some slight effects as your intestines clean themselves out, it won't be anywhere as unpleasant as if you'd started it all at once.

Psyllium is so useful to hemorrhoid sufferers because it works mechanically to soften stools and clean the intestines instead of offering unpleasant chemical interactions and side effects.


7.. Peruvian Balsam: Effective, Uncommon Herbal Hemorrhoid Treatment.

Peruvian Balsam is usually used as a suppository or applied directly to the hemorrhoid in question. This particular variety of balsam is a germicide and possibly aids in hemorrhoid tissue regeneration and healing. Never use Peruvian Balsam for more than one week at a time, with a month off between sessions.


8.. How To Make Your Own Herbal Hemorrhoid Medicine:

Most people use commercial preparations because making one's own hemorrhoid remedies from scratch can be quite time consuming. However, in the interest of self-sufficiency and quality control, we're including all the information you need to make your own at home. Keep in mind that it can get a bit expensive to do so considering that you have to purchase each ingredient independently. The cost you'll have to pay depends on the quality, quantity and local availability of the herbs and ingredients you can find.

To find the complete range of herbs available, check out the herbs listed on this page, the page on herbal hemorrhoid cures, and the listed ingredients on our alternative hemorrhoid medications page.

If you're intent on creating your own hemorrhoid remedies at home, you'll want to invest in good measuring equipment like scales and a dedicated set of measuring implements. When doing your own herbalism, you need as much precision as possible to measure out and mix your herbs. You also don't want to use implements you used for medicinal herbs for food purposes.

If you're creating an oral herbal remedy, you'll need to decide what form you want to take it in. Split it into individual dosages, and see if it will fit into a gelatin capsule. You can usually find empty capsules at health food and herbal stores. Alternatively, you may want to get a press and make the herbs into tablets, take it off a spoon loose, or infuse into an herbal tea (tisane) if the herbs in question are suitable for infusion.

If you're creating a topical ointment for external hemorrhoids, you'll need to create a base to suspend the herbs or solutions in. Many homemade ointments use beeswax or similar as a base. The base you use should do double duty as a lubricant and moisturizer for inflamed tissue.

After you've figured out the best base to use, thoroughly mix your herbs into it. You may need to grind the herbs into a fine powder first to make sure that the herbs you chose aren't going to abrade your skin when you apply them and that they're going to disperse evenly in the base.

Essential oils may be easier to mix into an oily base like beeswax with less mess and less grinding.

Do enough research to find the shelf-life of any ointment, tincture, or infusion you make. Most herbs are only good for a year in pure dried form, and may expire in as little as a day once made into an ointment or tea. Only make as much as you need at a time in order to keep from waste. When storing dried herbs, use airtight containers of dark glass, plastic or ceramic. Never use anything made from aluminum to make herbal preparations.

Can making your own herbal hemorrhoid preparations save you money?  No, you don't really save money by making your own herbal preparations. After you purchase the base ingredients and all the stuff you need to do it properly at home, the cost comes out to about the same.

Why would you want to make your own herbal hemorrhoid medications? What you do get is personal knowledge of each and every ingredient in the preparation and the ability to customize your remedies for your particular symptoms and circumstances.


9.. Is aromatherapy a good herbal hemorrhoid remedy?

Aromatherapy is basically an inhalation therapy using the active properties of herbs that will travel across the lung or skin surface. Highly aromatic herbs such as juniper, cypress, frankencense and myrrh are considered useful for hemorrhoids. Aromatherapeutic oils are often applied to the temples, used in foot or body massage, added to a sitz-bath, or applied directly to the hemorrhoid in question. The last application is the most dangerous and should only be done with certain oils.

We have a much larger section on Aromatherapy and hemorrhoids, in hermoids relief.

For more on aromatherapy, check out our section on Aromatherapy and Hemorrhoids on the hemorrhoids relief page.


10.. Warning about hemorrhoids and any herbal remedy taken by mouth

Caution Needed: Any hemorrhoid remedy needs to be researched carefully to check for long term deleterious effects. Especially check hemorrhoid medications taken by mouth for laxative or stool softening purposes. Oral remedies based on adding fiber to the diet seem to be suitable for long term use, but some herbal remedies use herbs that can overstimulate the colon, causing long term damage. When reading ingredients, watch out especially for sienna and aloin (aloe vera side product).



A..Lemon Juice as a Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Lemon juice is classified more as a natural hemorrhoid remedy than an herbal method per se, but hey, use what works.

A slightly intimidating hemorrhoid relief method, mix the juice of one lemon with 250 milliliters (one cup) of water and put it in the anus as an enema. Hold it there for 10 minutes and follow with a cold sitz bath.


B.. A humble potato remedy that offers outstanding results for hemorrhoids

Potato pieces inserted as suppositories is a natural hemorrhoid remedy that has a number of staunch supporters willing to testify to the ability for this use to bring relief. Cut a potato into smooth suppository shapes about 3/4 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Place inside the anal sphincter. If it pops right back out, put back in a little deeper into the canal. Remember when putting in any suppository that the anal canal angles back towards the tailbone, and always go gently.

C.. The Lecithin Food Extract Hemorrhoid Treatment

Apply liquid lecithin directly to hemorrhoids once per day until either the hemorrhoid retreats back into the body or until inflammation dies down. This method is slow, but proven.

D.. Rutin - a food extract relief aid for hemorrhoids

Take 100 mg of rutin by mouth three times per day with meals. You're eating regular meals, right?


E.. Vitamin E: Easy Remedy for Hemorrhoid Pain and Clots

The suggested daily intake of Vitamin E is 400 IU three times a day, again with meals. Vitamin E seems to offer quite a few beneficial properties specifically to hemorrhoids, including general healing and assistance with pain and bleeding. Researchers believe that it may work by dilating the hemorrhoid veins, allowing greater blood flow through the area. Vitamin E is also a mild anti-thrombin, which is a classification of medications that keep blood from clotting. Do not use if you're on Warfarin (coumadin) or any other blood thinner already.

Because of these properties, Vitamin E seems to be good for thrombosed hemorrhoids or if your hemorrhoids have a tendency to become thrombosed.

If you're looking for quick hemorrhoid relief, don't forget that we've reviewed a number of natural hemorrhoid lotions, creams, and oral medications any of which could help you. Best of luck in your search for effective hemorrhoid therapy.

Alternative Medications for Hemorrhoids

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